Society has developed through a connection between people. Today’s society has been built with exchanging information and thinking hard to chase how to do one plus one exceeds two. It is expected, in future years, that the importance of this connection will increase even more with the advancement of informatization and networking in every aspect of business and in life.

In such social situations, the HTK Group is aiming for the Companies who can continue to create the values by connecting to People, Objects, and Information for a prosperous Future.
HTK Group is committed to providing a lot of fun and joy in connecting to various scenes such as “The Evolution to a more comfortable and secure communications networks”, as well as the “Convenience on connecting devices to networks” or/and “Making the information more valuable by connecting some information” and the like for people to be impressed for a prosperous future. As a core belief of the company, HTK declares to value the connections between people.

For our Mission Statement/success

HTK Group has summed up the shared ways of being and thinking as “8 values” and the behavior specifically as the “Code of Conduct” for our mission success.

HTK is committed to work forward “The good Company” who can get Shareholders/ Stakeholders trust and thus expected to keep a mutually developing relationship with our partners, to manage the company and its business based on sincerity, and to challenge creating Values and the like.

Customers value:Are our customers impressed and satisfied?
Collaboration value:Do we keep a mutually developing relationship with our partners?
Social value:Do we contribute to the development of society as corporate citizens?
Personal value:Do we experience the joy of our work and how it makes us grow?
Originality value:Do we create new ideas on a global perspective?
Challenge value:Do we challenge without fearing change?
Sincerity value:Are we fair and honest?
Synergy value:Do we respect mutual differences and collaborate for success?